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PS Campanula pracuje s laskavou podporou statutátního města Jihlavy

In April 1984 it has been 10 years since the already fabled, Peace Choir of Jihlava Gymnázium led by Prof. Marie Kubova was founded. It was at the re-union meeting of almost forty ex-members that the idea of resuming the sing-together gatherings or establishing a new choir was born.

Since the Fall of 1984 a group of enthusiasts has been coming to Dům kultury ROH in Jihlava, singing mainly songs with an acoustic guitar and discussing who should take the lead of new songs rehearsals.

In spring 1985 the group of singers enlarged to about 15 members, which also included Mrs. Helena Zadinova, who, during her university studies times, worked in a mixed choir called Academiachor Praha. Because of the lack of a chorister, Helena Zadinova came under pressure from her friends and decided to rehearse the first polyphonic composition ((Thoinot Arbeau: Pavana). Regular work of the ensemble can be dated from September 1985.. Ing. Helena Zadinová - Čermáková, partaking in the birth of the choir, took the lead in the rehearsals and began the systematic study of simpler compositions and adaptations of traditional songs. The constituent member, Miss Irena Hroudová, entered the ensemble's history as an author of its name - CAMPANULA (i.e.bell in Latin).

In the Fall of 1985, Dům kultury ROH, as establishing institution, authorized the name of the new choir and so the Chamber mixed choir CAMPANULA by DK ROH Jihlava officially began its activities.

The first public performance of the ensemble took place on May 30th, 1986 in Luka nad Jihlavou. Jihlava's News-bulletins 1987/1 showed, in the cultural column, an announcement of the first concert of the Chamber mixed choir CAMPANULA in Jihlava town. The program of the New Year's concert, taking place on January 1st, 1987 on the stairway of Dům kultury ROH, was, considering the then era, interestingly and boldly set together from adaptations of traditional songs, 17th century compositions and Christmas carols of European nations.

Even though this first concert in Jihlava sounded yet without a large interest from the Jihlava community, but already under the supervision of the municipal council's inspector for culture, the founding body of the ensemble took important steps on the way of a new choral musical life.

On September 1st, 1990 the function of chorister of the Chamber mixed choir CAMPANULA was taken over by Mr. Pavel Jirák.

On November 5th, 1990 the choir finished its activities under the patronage of Dům kultury in Jihlava and the choir's rehearsals continued in Havlickova elementary school, thanks to understanding of its schoolmaster, Mr. Macek.

On March 26th, 1991 the Ministry of the Interior registered the civil association Pěvecké sdružení Campanula Jihlava and the first articles and organization manual were drafted.

In January 1993 the ensemble acquired, with the help of Prof. Bohdan Sroka, the schoolmaster of Střední odborná škola sociální u Matky Boží, a rehearsal room in the premises of the cloister of the Minorite Order in Kosmakova street No. 45.

Chairmen of the Pěvecké sdružení Campanula Jihlava

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